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A winter evening in Siberia

A magical evening where the C LAGENCE teams designed an immersive scenography like a real winter evening in the heart of Siberia.

Passing through the portal of the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair, guests meet the Tsar and the Czarina before joining the Maillot lounge to enjoy an aperitif cocktail under a delicate decor of snowflakes and Russian architectural silhouettes in snowy white paper.

The single long table of nearly 40 meters can accommodate 140 guests in the Dauphine lounge, surrounded by white firs and silvery branches like a night in the heart of the taiga

Each decorative element underlines this magical and refined atmosphere with frosty tones such as eternal snows: custom-made tablecloth with arabesque pattern, mismatched and vintage crockery, mother-of-pearl cutlery, silverware, finely chiseled glassware, matryoshka dolls ... straight out of a winter tale.

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