An elegant

The taste for beautiful things also goes through the look.

Create an intimate or grandiose decor, in harmony or offset from the lounges of the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair? Everything is possible !
Tell us your theme and tell us what you want, our in-house Decoration and Style department is always teeming with creative ideas to bring the reception of your dreams to life.

From floral arrangements to sparkling lights, through the harmony of tableware, not to mention the festive entertainments, every detail counts to design an event that reflects your image.

Modern, rustic, retro, art deco ... Are you bubbling over with ideas? Share them with our teams to co-create your evening together. Otherwise, let their imagination guide you!

Always on the lookout for new trends and at your service, our decorators analyze your needs and come up with concepts with unique and personalized decors. On a moodboard or a sketch, their pencils draw the aesthetic contours of your reception.

The layout of the spaces and the scenography are thus always staged with sensitivity, care and refinement to honor the magic of the Pavillon Dauphine Saint Clair.

Inventive scenographies, even in your plate

Beyond the decoration of the buffet and the table, your concept is also deployed on the plate! Our decorators and our chefs and pastry chefs work hand in hand to offer you exceptional staging in accordance with your theme.

Choreographed arrival of the dishes in the dining room for your gala dinner, participatory cooking workshop for your 'Make it happen' seminar, creation of personalized plates for a birthday party, branded cocktail pieces, experiential tasting concept ... everything is done for imbue your guests with your universe!