Built in the 1930s, the Maillot salon and its 240m² are inspired by the original Art Deco style while emphasizing a contemporary design.The emphasis is both on the decoration with clean lines and noble materials, and on natural light, with a multiplication of picture windows, as well as a ceiling offering overhead lighting. 

Emphasis is also placed on modularity with natural light that can be concealed during the day to offer you optimal projection comfort during your seminars, as well as movable partitions allowing 3 separate rooms to be brought together in a single single space, thus making it possible to double the receiving surface. 


Standing cocktail: 300 guests
Sit-down dinner: 320 guests
Meeting theater style: 250 guests
Meeting classroom style: 130 guests

His tremendous flexibility, combined with high-performance audiovisual equipment (7m LED screen, projection screen, sound system, etc.), make the Maillot trade fair the ideal place for your working days, conferences, seminars and press presentations.

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