A historic salon in the Belle Epoque style, the Salon Dauphine was originally a restaurant room imagined and created in 1912 by the architect Guillaume Tronchet on the model of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. Its large bay windows offer incredible natural light, enhanced by the reflections in the multiple mirrors facing them. The authentic moldings, restored by the Versailles School of Mural Art, highlight the elegance of the large chandeliers with tassels which give it all its majesty.

With an area of ​​342 m² (divisible in two), the Dauphine lounge has direct access to the large terrace and gardens. It is the perfect lounge to combine an outdoor aperitif with an exceptional dinner, followed by an evening of dancing under the dome.


Standing cocktail: 450 guests
Sit-down dinner: 350 guests
Meeting theater style: 360 guests
Meeting classroom style: 230 guests

Its two retractable bay windows, which can be fully retracted into the floor, are the link with the surrounding nature reflected in the mirrors in the living room. They also allow vehicles to enter the show, among other things, for press launches, for example.

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